Saturday, 20 February 2016

Eurydice recently performed in Ulla von Brandenburg's 'Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley' at Langside Hall.
Described as "a play for five actors and a chorus", 'Sink Down Mountain, Rise Up Valley' is inspired by the rituals of the Saint-Simonian commune, founded in the immediate aftermath of the French Revolution. The movement, to which von Brandenburg was drawn by their progressive attitudes to female equality in society, sought to eradicate any kind of inherited privilege. Instead they proposed a levelling of society, alluded to by the title of the piece.
It was quite different from anything the choir had done before, and we performed alongside some very talented young musicians and singers working and studying in Glasgow  as well as professional actors Pierre Casadei, Lucienne Deschamps, Duncan Evennou, Giuseppe Molino and Benoît Résillot.
We were coached by our wonderful leader, Rachel Argo who also conducted the whole performance with exceptional professionalism.  

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