Tuesday, 1 May 2012



My money lies over the ocean, my money lies over the sea,
My money lies over the ocean, where  no-one can get it but me.
Hard times, hard times, it’s hard times for many but not for me,
Hard times, hard times, hard times for them not for me.

I read that some people are struggling, they’re worried ‘bout cuts in their pay,
But here is a simple solution: get a job as a banker like me.

You know we’re all in this together, this government never would lie,
MY bonus was cut by three million, Oh just let me sit down and cry.

They say that I’m selfish and greedy, obsessive about gaining wealth,
But what do I care for the needy, they’ll die anyway of ill health.

There’s one little blot on my landscape. The people are getting fed up.
They’re marching for fairness and justice.   My tax-dodging game will be up.

The Tories all let me off lightly, they get huge donations each year,
But surely you aren’t alleging corruption in Britain?  Not here.

Final Chorus:
Good times, good times, it’s good times for them, not for me, not me,
Good times, good times, good times for them not for me.