Saturday, 14 June 2008


The name of the organisation shall be the Eurydice Socialist Women’s Choir


The objective of the organisation is to give women the opportunity to learn and sing songs which raise awareness and promote the understanding of socialism and social issues including human rights, poverty, peace and justice.


Will be open to any woman interested in promoting the objectives of the organisation. Subscriptions will be determined by annual meeting and will take account of the ability to pay a weekly contribution on attendance.


The organisation shall be run by the membership meeting in general session. The organisation can set up ad hoc sub committees to conduct specific business on its behalf provided this has the agreement of a general meeting. A treasurer will be appointed at the AGM and the Chair and Secretary will rotate as required and as agreed by the membership.


A bank account shall be opened and will be operated by 3 approved signatories. Two signatures will be required to draw on the funds within the account.
A statement of income and expenditure will be prepared annually, based on the year’s bank statements, and inspected by an independent competent person. Regular updates on finances will be made to general meetings by the treasurer.

Annual General Meeting

An AGM will be held once every calendar year in the month of October. At least 2 weeks’ notice will be given, stating the time, the place and the business to be transacted. A Chairwoman shall conduct the AGM. The business shall include financial report, election of any committees and any proposals for the work of the organisation.

General Meetings

General meetings, in the form of rehearsals open to all members, will be held weekly during school term times.
A Special General Meeting can be called for a specific purpose or purposes by a minimum of 4 members. At least 2 weeks’ notice will be given, stating the time, the place and the business to be transacted.


The quorum for the Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings shall be a minimum of 50% of members currently attending.


All voting will be by show of hands and all motions will require a simple majority, except changes to the constitution – see below.

Alteration of Constitution

Alteration of the Constitution can only be agreed at the AGM, or a Special General Meeting called specifically for that purpose.


On dissolution of the organisation, any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been discharged, shall not be distributed among the members but shall be handed to a chosen charity or organisation with objectives that are similar to our own.

This Constitution was adopted as the Constitution of Eurydice Socialist Women’s Choir at a public meeting on