Monday, 7 May 2007


Mary and Bothwell were lovers.
Oh lordy, how they could love!
They swore to be true to each other,
Just as true as the stars above

Refrain: He was her man
But he was doing her wrong

Mary went over to Paris
Married the Dauphin, I hear.
Now the Dauphin is cold in his coffin –
It didn’t even last a year!

Mary came back home to Holyrood
Under the Edinburgh rocks
But all of her jigging and dancing
Didn’t go down with John Knox

Mary was sititing in her boudoir
Drinking a bottle of beer,
When in came her husband Darnley –
“Is David Rizzio here?”

They dragged Davie into the corridor.
There they did kill him, I fear.
You can still see the blood on the carpet –
They paint it up new each year!

Darnley fell ill of a fever.
Mary she sat by his bed.
Mary stepped out for a minute –
Bang! And Darnley was dead!

Now this story has no moral.
(Of morals she had no need)
There was only one thing wrong with Mary-
She couldnae keep the heid!

(by Bill Jackson (and others) for
A Rutherglen Academy show c.1959)